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Childcare and Vacancy Care

It is well known that there are important and huge psychological advantages of learning another language to children as young as two year old. Research indicates that the more the brain is used, the better it strengthens memory. Also, Multilanguage people show to be more critical-thinkers.

Parents’ demand to teach their young child or children a foreign language increases year after year, they are actively taking initiative in jump-starting foreign language education for their child or children. They know that several researchers suggest to speak a second language to boost cognitive, memory, and communication skills. This is the beginning of the new century education foundation and if your Centre is not offering a language, you are missing an opportunity.

My incursion lesson is where I deliver the lessons at your Childcare Centre or Vacancy Care. I work side-by-side with the Director and Educators to ensure I seamlessly integrate with the Centre.

There are no long-term commitments or annual contracts, a simple online booking is the only requirement. At 123Soleil – French for Little Ones, I know that children need to be entertained in order for their higher language-learning potential to manifest, my program uses lots of action chants, songs, stories and games to keep children engaged.

As part of the parents’ childcare fee is set by the Childcare Centre as an extra-curricular activity or at the Childcares own expense that helps your centre to stand out from the competition, the specified classroom below receive French sessions that benefit children’s development.

The delivery model encompasses a 1 hour French tuition provided at your Childcare Centre:

  • 15 min provision of the service in Toddler’s room
  • 15 min provision of the service in Pre-Kindy room 
  • 30 min provision of the service in Kindy room 
  • And/Or a preferred set time can be scheduled to support your needs.
  • An initial 50% deposit to lock in the booking is required.
  • And/Or a payment by term can be organised.

Parents are not accepted during class time to avoid distraction.

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I set clear lesson plans to ensure every child’s ability is catered for. Lessons include visual, logical, verbal, aural and physical activities and tasks. Each session includes singing, music, story-telling, games and art to meet the needs of all learner styles

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