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About Me

About Me…

My name is Odile Barthélemy, I was born in France and moved to Australia over 15 years ago. My passion for caring and supporting children’s learning started when I taught my son and daughter their native language ‘English’ and their mother tongue ‘French’.

I have over 10 years’ qualifications and experiences in Childcare and Education. My University studies have given me the understanding of pedagogical models and classroom practices which allow me to cater for the learning needs of all children.

My aim is to offer tuition at the best price in Brisbane to ensure all children can have access to learning a foreign language.

What Parents Say


My two toddlers attend French tuition with Odile on a weekly basis, it the highlight of their week! Odile runs a child centred French program, ensuring my children remain engaged and focussed in each element of the lesson. I can see that they are using their new language skills at home when they infuse French words and phrases into their Creative Play. They are always wanting to count in French now and name objects just like Odile does.


I have never planned nor expected my three year old to be learning French language at all…but after one trial class, which she loved! She always look forward to her weekly French Class because her teacher – Ms Odile, is an amazing educator who is able to connect with each individual child regardless of his or her character and personality. She has her own special way to each child’s heart and hence, making French such a fun language to learn. The small group class gives each child more opportunities to learn and attention from the teacher. At the same time, having friends to practice their social and team work learning skills. The fact that my daughter’s knowledge of French language keeps improving (which surprises me!) in just a few months is a testament.


Odile has been so wonderful teaching my Son and Daughter French every week. They are applying their knowledge learnt with Odile at home while cooking tea every night; they name fruits and vegetables as well as counting and identifying colours. It is so lovely to hear them singing French songs in the car and repeating greatings to each other.


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I set clear lesson plans to ensure every child’s ability is catered for. Lessons include visual, logical, verbal, aural and physical activities and tasks. Each session includes singing, music, story-telling, games and art to meet the needs of all learner styles

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